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HMB 1000 | Boost Strength, Recovery & Reduce Muscle Loss ✮ 120 ct

TURBOCHARGE YOUR RECOVERY - Ready for the next level? We packed 1000mg of pure HMB (Hydroxy Methyl Butyric Acid) into each serving to provide you with maximum strength results. Our HMB will help you train harder and longer as it quickly repairs muscle and aids in reducing muscle soreness. This means lightning-fast recovery so you can hit the weights harder and more often for bigger gains.

DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE STRENGTH - Studies have shown HMB to be a powerhouse when it comes to increasing total body strength when combined with weight training. HMB aids in boosting muscle integrity, repairing muscle fibers, and improves protein synthesis. This can help you to hit the weights harder, more often, and experience real strength gains in the process.

REDUCE MUSCLE LOSS - From athletes, weekend warriors, all the way to those in the aging population, HMB packs serious documented results when it comes to increasing muscle thickness, strength, and decreasing muscle breakdown. HMB is a powerful supplement to aid with bulking or cutting to ensure the preservation of lean muscle mass.