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Ethan Messineo

Ethan Messineo is a 26 year old NPC Classic Physique competitor who trains by the code “Thoughts, become things”.  Ethan stays committed to fitness and following a healthy lifestyle year around.  He is known for maintaining great conditioning, even in the off season.  His love for training started with high school sports, and developed into an outlet through college.   Ethan likes to train heavy and hard, while also incorporating a lot of volume.  His main focus in the gym is working on a mind-to-muscle connection, and developing a balanced, aesthetic, and functional physique.  When selecting the right brand to supplement his training, Ethan focuses on the effectiveness of each product.  “I put my heart and soul into working out, so I expect my supplements to be top of the line.”  His ultimate goal is to help inspire other’s to reach their potential.  “The problem with most people is that they don’t believe something can happen, until it actually does.  I want to show them, that with hard work, they have to power to create anything they want to.”