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Emeri Connery

Emeri Connery is a 23 year old NPC Bikini competitor who trains by the code “Push yourself until you can’t go any longer….then push a little more.  Emeri is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, and utilizes fitness to help escape life’s every day stresses.  Her passion for training was ignited by her brother Klint, who motivated and educated Emeri to take up a healthy lifestyle.  Even though she competes in the bikini division.  Emeri loves to train like a “bodybuilder” and has been known to out-lift some of the guys.  In the future, she plans to transition to the figure division and keep heavy, intensive lifting as the cornerstone of her training regimen.  When choosing a brand to supplement her lifestyle, she is most focused on quality products that come from a trustworthy company.  Her ultimate goal is to inspire others, and show them that with hard work and consistency, then CAN reach their goals.