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Cassidy Harris

Cassidy Harris is an NPC bikini competitor, with background experience in USPA junior women’s powerlifting.  She trains for the personal, and rewarding high that comes from strengthening and sculpting her body into anything she wants it to be.  Cassidy believes that in order to be successful, you must invest in people that invest in you.  “Surround yourself with ambition and support, then success will follow”.  She is driven by her self motivation, and the many doubters that first appeared when she decided to trade in dancing for lifting.  “Most girls thought it was comical that I wanted to sacrifice elegance for strength”.  Cassidy views her training regimen as unique because she incorporates both bodybuilding and powerlifting styles.  When supplementing her workouts, she looks for reputable and knowledgeable companies whose products make her feel the effects she’s intended to feel.  Unlike most fitness enthusiasts who have a specific goal, Cassidy’s biggest aspiration is to stay hungry and never reach a place on content.  “To always be hungry for more.  Forever.  I want to keep pushing myself…”