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May 24, 2016

R – Rely on your partner to be your gym buddy.

If you’ve dedicated any amount of reasonable time to fitness and working out, you’ve probably also struggled to find a reliable gym buddy.  You know, the guy or girl who texts you to workout at 6pm, says they’re on the way at 7pm, and can’t make it at 8pm.  Unfortunately, this leaves you without a spot and strung out on pre-workout for two hours, not to mention wasted hours you could have spent training.  However, by having a significant other that is willing to train with you, it eliminates the guess work of selecting a new gym buddy candidate, and restores order to your daily routine.  By holding each other accountable for gym attendance, workout performance and time management will increase tenfold.

O – Offer encouragement and support.

Here’s a quick tip for all those gym goers you see screaming at their counterparts to “push it up” or “get one more rep in”.  This method is completely ineffective and will not work.  In reality, all that screaming won’t make you super human or allow your muscles to manufacture more ATP to complete a full rep.  If you’re looking for a more viable solution to making gains in the gym, try embracing the extra motivation and support of a swolemate.  When you have a trustworthy partner that pushes you to the limit in a safe and supportive way, the results tend to skew more in your favor.  Knowing that your swolemate will still love you if you can only complete 11 repetitions instead of 12 is much more of an effective push than someone who is constantly screaming and complaining about your lack of effort.

C – Connect and build a stronger bond with your partner.

Bonds can be developed in many ways.  However, if you think about the basics of a bond, one that is forged from iron will be much stronger than a bond forged during a night out at the bar.  If you’re looking to connect with someone beyond their outside appearance or charming personality, try working out and sweating together.  After the first thirty minutes have passed, and fatigue starts to set in, a person’s true colors start to show.  Find that special someone you can conquer a tough workout with, and conquering other problems in life will seem much easier.

K – Kick your sex life into overdrive.

Let’s be honest, the more physically fit you are, the better chances you have at a fulfilling sex life.  We don’t mean this in a gross or immature way.  Most couples that workout together will completely agree on this point.  Aside from having a stronger bond, there are many other factors that contribute to a healthy sexual relationship.  First off, there are certain kinds of exercises that have been shown to boost healthy levels of testosterone in both men and women.  Increasing this hormone has been directly linked to having an elevated sex drive.  In addition to an increased sex drive, your overall stamina will also benefit from working out.  Finally, who doesn’t enjoy the high you get from working out with your significant other.  Factor in the sweat, the forged connection, pheromones, and a general great time, you will both walk away from each workout with elevated moods.

S – Selfies with your swolemate.

Mirror pictures are great, but they get old.  If you’re really looking to take your gym selfie game to the next level, include your swolemate.  A picture with a swolemate will make you look less self-centered, and more focused on the workout or the goal you both are working towards.  Want to take it a step further?  Have your swolemate take the pictures or videos of you, instead of always using a mirror.  The angles, the shots, the entire package will look much better.  Plus you have an opportunity to show some love and support to that awesome person who is working the camera!